Welcome to JVFI – Tales from the frontline of Virtualisation. I hope this site will proove to be as good as the blogs that inspired me to take up the baton myself.

I thought I’d start off with a little FAQ

What does JFVI mean ? 

JFVI is a play on words acronym of the “other” Service level agreement commonly known as JFDI ( Just Freakin’ Do It – Polite version ) so Just Freakin’ Virtualise it! , A request I used to get from time to time by my manager !

Who is behind JFVI ? 

Well at present , just myself – My Name’s Chris Deardenand I’ve been working in IT for around 10 years now. Starting at the bottom, I’ve worked my way up from helpdesk to my current position as a Solutions Architect for Veeam. My journey with VMware at an enterprise level has gone from a handfull of standalone hosts to a multi cluster , multi virtual center environment spanning 4 datacenters. I have worked in both the Operations and Design side of Virtualisation.

nb. Though I am an Employee of Veeam software , This blog is not sponsored by them and all content & opinions are my own and not a reflection of my Employer.

Why Should I read JFVI ? 

I’m hoping to appeal to people who know a little about virtualisation and wanting to get the best from their environment , save them self some time & earn management brownie points – Although I do have a lab to play with , most of the solutions I find are based on what has worked for me in a production environment , Your own experiences may vary.