After recent harasment by some friends of mine , I’ve decided that I really need to get back to some more regular updates. It has been reasonably tough over the fast few months as work has kept me pretty busy. I’ve spent my summer in a few different parts of the world , most recently South Africa – working with the Veeam Teeam based down there , meeting customers and eating some interesting game meats at a restaurent called…. crocadile anyone ?

Over the course of the last year or so , I’ve delivered a good number of presentations for work , but recently was asked to do something a little different. As part of an event, I was required to produce a Demo Video of one of our products , in this case , our management pack for Microsoft SCOM. This in itself is nothing new , we have a whole host of similar videos. The twist on this was that it had to be short , real short – in this case 3 minutes or so. This gave me a bit of a tricky situation – risk going fast and have the customer feel like they were in training for “the Matrix” , or only show what might prove to be an unrepresentative portion of the product.

After a little internal brainstorming with the rest of the technical team , I settled on a few keys points and started to record. Just like an iPhone advert, “some sequences may have been shortened” 😉

This is my first attempt at producing a video like this with camtasia , I hope to try and do some more – perhaps showcasing a few of the upcoming cool new features in the product.

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