It seems the world of homelabs has had a few innovations recently , especially with the advent of near silent hardware like the Intel NUC. However , what if you want to go beyond that ? We cant all afford colo hosting or have a lab at our place of work. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just rent some cloud resources for it ? the problem is that most virtual server hosting firms wont actually let you have an ESX environment unless you really shell out for the big bucks. It seems there is now an answer – baremetalcloud providing on demand , dedicated hardware. Thanks to some strong words , softly spoken by Lab Guru Mike Laverick , he’s managed to secure a bit of a discount for the first 100 folks to give it a spin. The platform supports pretty much anything you want , including the most excellent Autolab ( as sponsored by Veeam ) which could you Less than a dollar an hour to run. Given the average cost of a home lab that you have to pay for when you are not using it , this could work out quite effective. Head over to Mike’s site for a detailed guide and use the promo code [b]MAGICMIKE100[/b] for a potential discount !