I’ve recently completed the deployment of the VKernel Capacity Analyser and Optimisation Pack Appliances to our virtual centers. Its a product chosen as fitting a usefull nice between long term capacity planning , and reactive alerting , both of which are covered by other tools in our application set.

The optimisation pack in particular is great as tool to illustrate to collegues the level of virtual resource that is being over allocated as part of the neverending battle between operations and application teams that has been fought the world over.

In line with keeping appliances up to date, we timetable an update to all our appliances on a monthly basis , usually this comes with no suprises but I was greeted with a very busy looking screen on logging into the optimisation pack post update.


VKernel have given away quite a few products before , but usually they let me know before it Рstill , a quick click on the piechart  gives a handy little screen that provided a management friendly overview of the virtual environment.


We’ve got a bit of a selection of host sizes deployed at the moment , so I’m quite happy with our consolidation ratio. I’d love to see what any one else has got ?

If you’d like to have a look at the free VMstats appliance , head over to VKernel

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