I’ve been keeping a weather eye on the Kaviza “VDI in a Box” solution since I came into contact with it about 12 months ago – I really liked the way they offered a hypervisor agnostic VDI solution  built on its own grid technology to offer stateless desktops hosted on local storage. Its a product that would make VDI within the SMB space a viable option due to not requiring expensive shared storage.


The previous ties with Citrix were not exactly a secret – the product made use of the HDX protocol for offering a rich end user desktop experience and the Citrix investment was pretty well publicised. I hope that the product will remain hypervisor agnostic ( although the best price point has been historically achieved using Xen as the hypervisor as the product will not run with the free version of ESXi ) and continue to offer what should continue to be a very strong VDI solution for smaller deployments.


Press release from CItrix about the acquisition: http://www.citrix.com/kaviza

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