Its been a busy weekend – not only have I been to a most excellent Chilli Festival but I’ve been migrating the backend storage for my 2 Veeam Proxies from a temporary LUN on our main IBM XIV over to a dedicated MSA p2000 . Its cost effective and will allow us to replicate the backup data offsite for some extra resiliency. Its taken me a while but now that I have plenty of storage , I wanted to be able to crank up the retention time for the backups from the current 14 days.


If you’ve read the previous posts about the setup I have , you’ll remember that its split into a fair number of jobs , which I didn’t particularly fancy having to mod via the GUI. I remembered that there was a Powershell plug-in for Veeam backup installed with the application , so thought I’d open up the help file and see if this could be scripted.


You’ll be glad to know it can. With the following command I was able to add an extra 5 days retention to all backup jobs on the server. I’ll keep an eye on the consumed storage by this and hopefully be able to up retention to a target of 30 days.


Get-VBRJob|Set-VBRJobOptions -RetainCycles 20

I’m the furthest thing from a  powershell guru that you’ll ever imagine , but can still string a 1 liner together when I have to 🙂