Clusters that is ?

I’ve spent a good amount of this time playing about with ideas on how we should arrange a number of new hosts  due into our data centre.

They are currently spilt according to their stage in the lifecycle ( Prod / Stage / QA / Integration / Development / Disaster Recover )  however the new Data centre will only be having non production ( QA and “below”) and Disaster Recovery Vm’s in place – In order to get the best out of the hosts , then going for large clusters of 8-12 hosts seems to make sense , but should the next cluster we purchase / migrate also be a mixed non-prod one ?

The problem I can see with building up a number of smaller clusters per lifecycle is that  when it comes to that time of year when new hardware is purchased , will it be CPU compatible with existing hardware , thus  forcing us to start a new cluster for those hosts.

I’d be interested to hear how other VmAdmins arrange their clusters – do you push your for maxiumum efficiency , or stick to a more logical layout ?

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