Last night I attended the second in the “brown bag” series of study workshops , set up by Cody Bunch of fame. For those who might be a bit confused , a brownbag workshop comes form a US term of having a “lunch and learn” session , where people would do some study or learn about a given technology over a lunch ( presumably for those with a packed lunch in a brown bag – bringing in a bottle of JD in a brown paper bag seems frowned up in most US offices… )  It was great to have a chat with people who have passed their VCDX and people like myself who aspire to that certification. WE talked around storage configurations from the command line and even though there was a bit of Demo fail , saw the kinds of steps you’d need to go through.

With just under a fortnight to go before the next one , I thought I’d try and do another pre workshop post with some topics to cover – so putting a quick question out to readers , what would you like to cover ? I hope to be able to go away , do some focussed study and a bit of work in my sandbox , and come up with a blog post that might make a handy failback incase of demo equipment failure..

so feel free to pick some topics from the blueprint at

if not , I’ll pick some myself 🙂

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