I’ve been playing with vEcoShell in its various incarnations for a while – its the prefect way for a powercli novice such as myself to harness the added functionality to perform tasks against a multiple VM’s in my environment.

The new version is not only an officially QA tested release , but adds a lot of extra functionality , such as the ability to be able to copy and paste code out of a vEcoShell script node to be run externally in a powershell window. This should make importing code not designed for the EcoShell a lot more straightforward.


If the Beta tag has put you off installing the EcoShell in the past ( although given my readership I’d be shocked if you were scared of a word like beta ! ) Then make sure you download a copy from here along with the VMware communities Powerpack ( formally Virtu-Al’s powerpack , generous donated to the community ) from here and put your Virtual Environment into overdrive !

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