Some vendors will offer you money back on a product if it doesn’t meet your expectations.. some vendors just offer you meat.

steak1With the new release of their Optimisation Pack 1.4 Vkernel are so confident that they can show you a 3 Month ROI on their product , that they will send you $100 worth of Omaha Steaks. As Vkernel are in the Capacity Optimisation rather than meat packing business , there is a small caveat of having 4 or more hosts in your environment. If that sounds like your environment then download a 30 day trial of the OP and get it installed. You then need to book an appointment with a Vkernel  Engineer for a product walkthrough. If he can’t show you that 3 month ROI , then the steak is yours.


As a current user of the product I’m interested to see the improvements in the 1.4 version but will also take the challenge up. I had to provide the original justifications for purchase , so at least if I’m wrong , I won’t go hungry for a while ! Watch this space to see how I got along.

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