I the past few months on twitter , I’ve tried a number of clients – some on my Smartphone , some as browser extensions, some as standalone apps on my Desktop , Laptop or Webbook but on an 8 bit computer I last used when I wore short trousers …. you got to be kidding right ?


As the pictures show , I’m not kidding – While at the Vintage Computer festival at the National Museum of Computing (http://www.tnmoc.org/vcf-gb.aspx) this weekend I came across the Spectranet project (http://spectrum.alioth.net/doc/index.php/Spectranet) based around giving the humble speccy an Ethernet interface.


They had a few machines set up , and one with a twitter client , its no Tweetdeck , but for something running on a system thats 26 years old , I was suitably impressed !

imageWhat’s next ? facebook on a Vic20 ? 😉

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