It seems that barely a week goes by without one of the better known bloggers in the Virtualisation world announces that they’ve been snapped up by a major vendor , be it VMware themselves or part of the major vendor coalitions.notvspecialist

I wont be making such an announcement ( for a few years at least ! ) but I am happy to say I will be changing roles with my current employer , moving a little further back from the operational coalface and working closely with other parts of the organisation, helping them progress their technology roadmap. My experience in operations ought to give me a helping hand in terms of interpersonal relations , but its a fantastic way for me to evolve from a purely operations mindset to that of a more design / advisory stance.

The best practices I’ll be guiding people down might not always be those passed down directly from a vendor as I personally feel they have a tendency to be a little bit “one size fits all” – our groups will benefit more form a more tailored approach to their estate. This does lead me down the route of thinking about best practice and who its best for–but that’s a post for another day 🙂

On a different note , it does leave a little bit of a hole in our technical team , so if you are interested in working with an Enterprise level infrastructure with a good selection of technologies , you don’t have to be a VMware Guru , just be happy to take a technology and make it your own. Living near Milton Keynes would be a bonus too. Still interested ? drop me a mail chris AT

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